Buy Kids Activity Tables Online

Having an activity table for kids is the perfect way to help them own personal space – a space where your children can build and hone their creativity to the next level.

Have you been looking to buy wooden activity tables online? Since it’s a one-time investment, you can’t compromise on quality. At Midwest Classic Crafts, we offer the finest building block activity tables with storage.

Engage Your Child with Mega Block Activity Table

Whether you have a sensitive child or a hyperactive one, our building block tables for kids are the perfect fit to engage them while carrying on with your other significant tasks. Made with the highest quality of wood, our mega block activity tables come complete with storage to keep the building blocks once your child has done with playing.


Order Custom-made Block Tables for Kids

We take special care in preparing all the activity tables, making them customized and hand-made with ¾’’ wood and 13/4 poplar legs. The plates we use are also removable, giving your child the fun activity to remove and replace according to the color they like.

Since our building block tables for kids are custom-made, you can order them all in one color. Also, unlike other activity tables you may find, our block building table with storage won’t break mid-activity. Instead, these tables are meant to last for years to come, outgrowing the children and remaining resistant to pressure and weight.


Tables with Drawers for Your Peace of Mind

We also realize the displeasure you might have felt while stepping barefoot on the blocks your kids often leave around. Keeping that in mind, we design tables with drawers to facilitate your peace of mind.

Besides that, we have your kids’ safety as a priority. While preparing the activity tables, we round off and sand all the edges. This way, we help prevent injury that comes with getting scratched with sharp edges. Furthermore, we include loose base plates in the activity tables. The best usage for these loose base plates is to keep other toys, games, and everything that’s easily adjustable inside.


Paint-it-Yourself with Your Child

Painting our made-to-order kids’ wooden activity tables works two-way. Either we give the tables a clear finish ourselves, or we leave them unfinished. The latter is often requested by parents who are enthusiastic about giving the activity tables a personal touch. This way, when you receive your table, you can indulge in a fun activity with your child and paint the half-finished work, giving it a unique and personalized look.


Order Wooden Activity Table Online

At Midwest Classic Crafts, we understand it’s impossible to visit wooden furniture stores every time to buy activity tables for kids. That’s why we have set up a virtual furniture store for you to browse and select your choice of product.

Instead of wasting your time selecting a pre-made block table for sale, you can avail of our custom-made products. So, when you order wooden activity table online, you can rest assured of buying a table unlike any you’ve seen in other stores. This way, we uphold our promise to deliver uncompromised quality at market-competitive rates.