Looking for the Best Place to Buy Outdoor Furniture Online?

Tired of staying indoors and planning a family picnic? Picnics are incomplete without having solid rustic wooden patio furniture that you can count on. So, if you’re looking for the best place to buy outdoor furniture online, Midwest Classic Crafts is the best place to buy outdoor furniture online.

Buying from us gives you a perfect chance to quit browsing physically and order patio furniture of your style. No matter the weather, our custom-made outdoor furniture has the durability and stability you’re looking for.

Enjoy Your Picnic with Our Custom-made Outdoor Furniture

Nothing beats the picnic atmosphere when you have the perfect custom-made outdoor furniture to lounge in. At Midwest Classic Crafts, we believe that outside patio furniture is essential to take along in your family get-togethers and outdoor parties. That’s why we harbor a huge collection of rustic wooden patio furniture for you to choose from.

From family-sized tables in 6 to 8 inches length, our picnic tables are designed to last for years. So, no matter where you plan to go on a picnic, you can order patio furniture online with the best value for money.


Folding Features Added for Easy Transportation

Our wooden patio furniture for sale includes the finest quality of stained and unstained folding grill tables made out of solid cedar. The folding feature makes transportation easy for you to take anywhere. Just fold, and you’re good to go.

One specialty of our custom-made outdoor furniture is that all the products are exclusively handmade and weather-resistant. We choose cedar for our folding grill tables because cedar is not only lightweight, but it’s also rot-resistant, alleviating all your worries of deteriorating with time. We also treat the tables with Thompson’s water sealer to bring out cedar’s beauty and natural color variation.


Bottle Openers. Hooks. Handles – Our Rustic Wooden Patio Furniture Has It All

What’s a picnic without enjoying yourselves with a drink? Keeping that in mind, we include an optional bottle opener in our rustic wooden patio furniture. Having the bottle opener is an ultimate time and space-saver than carrying around a separate bottle opener with you.

Our custom-made outdoor furniture is lightweight, treated with lumber, and carries handles and hooks to hang utensils. And no matter the season, you can easily fold and keep them away for storage and reuse as needed.


Low Maintenance Costs. Eco-friendly Products.

Since we prepare all our rustic wooden patio furniture ourselves, you can get rid of worrying about refinishing it. Instead, you can enjoy the low to no-maintenance cost and enjoy your picnics to the max.

At Midwest Classic Crafts, we’re all about promoting an eco-friendly environment. That’s why instead of using pine wood, we use cedar and treat it with lumber. This allows us to live up to your health-centered beliefs while upholding our values as well.


Solid Cedar Wood Cooler Stands

Besides having picnic tables, we also have cooler stands made out of solid cedar for storage purposes. We treat all cooler stands with outdoor sealers to promote weather resistance and maintenance. Additionally, our cooler stands are designed with ease of cleaning in mind. When you feel the need to clean, you can easily drain the coolers and have them good as new.


All our rustic wooden patio furniture is available for local pickups and delivery and not being shipped outside.