Shelving for Kids’ Rooms

Children’s rooms prove challenging to clean. But knowing you can buy creative shelving for kids’ rooms easily is the way to go.

Often, parents neglect considering their child’s age before buying shelves. At Midwest Classic Crafts, we recommend buying custom-made shelves for kids’ room. These customized shelves are not only artistic to look at but engage your child’s attention with the exciting themes they carry.

Whether you have a boy or a girl, you can find a kids’ hanging bookshelf to match your child’s preferences. Our shelving for kids’ room comes with all ages, always ensuring the right fit.

Buy Sports Themed Bookends Online

For school-going children, our variety includes baseball bookends. If your child loves sports-themed shelves in their room, these baseball bookends can be a wonderful addition to express their love for the game.

Another choice you can add is using hockey pucks in the sports equipment storage rack instead of baseballs if your kid is a hockey lover. We make all the products customized while using authentic baseballs or hockey pucks. Additionally, you can include team logos on the balls as well to make your sports-themed bookends unique.


Wall Shelves for Kids’ Room

Are you looking for wall shelves for kids’ room? Well, look no further. We make corner shelves out of solid oak with varying sizes. Built with keyholes for easy hanging, you can request any color according to your liking.

Our creative shelving is the perfect choice to keep your kids’ room tidy at all times. If you’ve become tired of decluttering your child’s room, buying from our store can relieve you of that burden instantly.


Next Level Creative Shelving for Kids’ Room

At Midwest Classic Crafts, we take themed shelving to the next level. Besides making baseball-themed shelves, we also have the best variety of baseball-themed coat racks. Not only will these coat racks add a special touch to your kid’s room, but your child will also love hanging their baseball caps, gloves, and jackets on these racks.

We only use authentic baseball and baseball bats. These coat racks come with maple coat pegs and keyholes on the back to use for hanging. What’s more, these are an ideal birthday gift and can be given as a Christmas gift, too.


Custom-made Shelves for Kids’ Room

Kids love having unique things in their rooms. If your child is the same, they will surely love our geometric design corner shelves. These wall shelves for kids’ room are made with solid oak and stained in Minwax maple. We also treat our corner shelves with a satin gloss urethane finish to increase durability.

Using our creative shelving for kids’ room gives you the ultimate satisfaction of utilizing your spaces to the max. Whether your child’s room is large or small, our shelves are customized to fit any space.


Order Your Choice of Color

We don’t believe in selling standard designs only. Instead, we give you a choice to choose your preferred colors. Once you choose from our online store, you can request an order based on your or your kid’s choice of color.

Since we take pre-order requests, you can rest assured that your piece will be unique in every aspect.